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Würzburg Library


Würzburg Library


Aat Vos

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Governmental / Library

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1.500 m2

Germany - Würzburg

Hubland Library is a new branch of the Stadtbücherei Würzburg, established at a former US Army base in Hubland, Germany. This delightfully unexpected combination of former military base and library turned into an inclusive place offering an experience that embraces the area’s history as a new story to be told. The challenge was introducing the library as part of the neighborhood from the very beginning. Seamlessly integrating a completely new library into a historic location meant carefully considering the community. Through the human-centered method of design thinking, intense workshops led to the library’s very own concept: for its users, by its users. The results of a Design Thinking process by Julia Bergmann ensured an optimal adaption to the Würzburg community.

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