Customer - Country, City
We only deliver high quality durable and sustainable brands
Each project a new and fulfilling challenge
We emphasized the important link between the internal teaching and learning spaces.
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The architecture embraces the rectangle as its primary visual motif.
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Technische Universiteit
This univeristy is the most sustainable educational-building in the world.
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Germany - Wurzburg
Würzburg Library
The main objective of the building was to create a highly flexible.
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We have always to moluptatque sit volescilit, elloritae aut velia di volentiam excernatatur aliquib eriate coresse class.'
Adam Klein, CBRE
Have FacilitylinQ as a reliable partner in workspace realization
Always eager to do better
Our vision and mission show that development and growing never stop. The world changes, as do we. And we know that satisfaction may never lead to standing still. That is why were main ambitious. In contributing to a better and prettier world by realizing working environments that support life and living;vitality is so much more than just being vivid.
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Knowledge and experience
We've come a long way and the road ahead of us is looking
great. Looking forward to that future, we can pride on what
has been accomplished so far. Having realized over 2mln m2
of office space, we daresay that experience counts. But let the
figures speak for themselves.
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