TU/e Eindhoven – Atlas building


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44000 m2
TU/e Eindhoven – Atlas building
Atlas is the result of the renovation of the former TU/e main building. As a result of this renovation, the building’s CO2 emissions have been reduced by around 80 percent while the number of users has more than doubled. This reduction is partly due to the highly insulating glass facade and the fact that the building no longer uses fossil fuels.

Atlas has a flexible (interior) design, with multi functional spaces, so that the building is not only suitable for the immediate future, but also for the rest of its life. Each floor has the same main design, with (work) lecture rooms around the stairs and a work / study area with intermediate floors towards the ends of the building. Installations, acoustics and fire safety are attuned to this. The layout flexibility manifests itself in the securing of support functions in a 'backbone', surrounded by a freely divisible work / study area. This makes the work / study environment suitable for various functions and users with relatively few adjustments.
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Jan-Cees van Oldenburg, CBRE
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